Wet Feet (1X3C9060)


Intense late sunset over exposed reef flats at Cable Beach, Broome, North West, Western Australia.

Vertical colour panoramic image of a late sunset over exposed reef flats at Cable Beach near Broome in the Kimberley’s within the North West of Western Australia. A long exposure used to smooth the water and create a more surreal calming feel, rather than the rolling surf that was washing over the rocks at the time.

Titled “Wet Feet” to reflect the larger than expected wave which managed to race over the sand flats and wash around my feet, threatening to knock my camera over.

Cable Beach is a 22 km stretch of pristine white sand beach, washed by the stunning turquoise water of the Indian Ocean near Broome in the Kimberly region within the far north west of Western Australia. Named after the telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in 1889, its natural beauty attracts visitors from around Australia and the world.

The western facing beach experiences large tidal movements on a daily basis, peaking on the spring tides, where the tide can recede several hundred meters from the high tide mark, leaving interesting ripples in the sand. There are several sections where the low flat reef just offshore is exposed on low tide, making for excellent photographic opportunities with some foreground interest. Combined with the stunning sunsets typical of the northern Australian skies, it is heavily photographed as a result.

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