Wet-Season_Darwin_Northern-Territory_Black and White

Wet Season (1X1BW4542)


A black and white wet season thunderstorm builds over the flood plains near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

I was fortunate to be invited on a Helifishing charter in the Northern Territory of Australia. This basically involved flying in a Robinson R44 helicopter to remote tidal rivers along the remote Northern Territory coastline near Darwin. The Helicopter would land on the beach and we would then cast lures into the rivers and along the beaches hoping to catch a Barramundi.

I also took my camera gear, however was a bit limited due to weight restrictions in the small helicopter. We flew over the wetlands and coastal flood plains of the Daly River region near Darwin. On the way back we had to land in a remote field to wait out a fast moving thunderstorm which was blocking our path back to base.

I managed to capture this image from the cockpit of the helicopter just prior to us landing. Whilst the colour version looks good too, especially with the green food plains below, I felt that black and white version enhanced the drama of the storm and provided a bit more character.

Titled “Wet Season” to reflect the season we were in, and the thunderstorms that are common at that time of the year.

The Daly river is south west of the Northern Territory capital, Darwin in Northern Australia. A large river with an extensive flood plain flowing via countless creek systems into the warm Timor Sea. The river was originally discovered in 1865 by the explorer Boyle Travers Finniss, however it had been known to the local Aboriginals for thousands of years prior to this. A popular fishing spot, said to the one of the best places in Australia to catch the iconic Barramundi.

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