Windswept_Canal-Rocks_Smiths-Beach_Yallingup_South-West_WA_Black and White 

Windswept (1X1BW5219)


Constantly windswept and wave battered rocks that form Canal Rocks near Smiths Beach, Yallingup, South West, Western Australia.

The last image taken on a particular productive evening’s expedition at Canal Rocks. Despite the less than ideal conditions, I had managed to get several shots which were keepers. This image was taken looking slightly north towards one of the larger offshore rock outcrops that form part of the Canal Rocks structure. Another long exposure, dark and moody image processed in the same manner as the earlier black and white images including “Late Storm” and “Rugged Beauty”.

In this image I wanted to convey the large dark clouds that were overhead, often providing me an impromptu shower! Whilst the conditions at the time were wild with cold winds and rain, they were also appealing and beautiful in their own way. The South West is a wild and rugged place at times, and this image was intended to capture that mood.

Titled “Windswept” to convey the high winds flowing across the rocky outcrops, driving large powerful waves over them into the channel behind.

Canal rocks are a series of rocky outcrops lined up close together, just off the mainland near Smiths Beach at Yallingup in the South West of Western Australia, which form a canal like passage between the rocks on the mainland and the rocky outcrops in the sea. A heavily visited and photographed location.

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