Wish you were here (1X1C0268)


Deserted pristine beach at Norbill Bay, Rosemary Island, Dampier Archipelago, Pilbara, North West, Western Australia.

Most of the 42 islands within the Dampier Archipelago have beautiful secluded beaches on their shores. Rosemary Island, and more specifically Norbil Bay, where this image was taken, is a large bay with an uninterrupted white sandy beach. Protected from most winds, it is generally very calm and provides an ideal safe anchorage for small boats. A popular spot on the weekends, but typically deserted mid-week. Popular in the North West, means you may have to share it with one or two others.

On this day I was lucky enough to have it all to myself. It is one of my most favourite places in the world and when I die I’d would like my ashes spreading in the calm warm clear water of the bay. I’ll let the image do the talking, however I suspect you wish you were there.

Titled “Wish you were here” to reflect how beautiful this place is.

The Dampier Archipelago, which consists of 42 deserted islands off the coast of Dampier in the Pilbara region of the North West of Western Australia. Founded by British explorer William Dampier in 1699. Green, loggerhead, flatback and hawksbill turtles nest on the beaches. Dugongs, dolphins and humpback whales are often seen in surrounding waters. Rothschild’s rock-wallabies, northern quolls and water rats thrive on some islands. Migratory waders use the beaches and mangrove flats to feed and rest after long flights from the northern hemisphere. It is the richest area of marine biodiversity known in Western Australia, with coral reefs, sponge gardens, seagrass and more than 650 fish species. The islands have numerous historic sites dating back to the 1800’s including relics from bygone pearling, whaling and pastoral industries. It was also a place of significance for the Aboriginal people and has many ancient sites throughout.

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